Artists’ Top Five: Noelle Garcia

  1. Red Rock Loop (hiking, picnicking or just a scenic drive)
  2. Driving down the strip (starting on LV Blvd. near Town Square and ending at Fremont Street.) Observing and commenting on neon, signage, tourists and other surprises.
  3. Touring expensive new model homes and pretending you can buy them. Talking to Shane about our imaginary plans on how to decorate and design the home.
  4. Strip Stroll & Dessert: Starting at the Bellagio Gardens and walking through Caesars Palace, City Centre and the Cosmopolitan and ending with a pastry at Jean Philippe Patisserie at Aria or Bellagio
  5. Mini trip up the 95 checking out Corn Creek with cute, fish, frogs and birds then onto Mt. Charleston for some hiking (also appreciating the beautiful purple and blue mountains of the NV landscape).
Scenic views along the North Loop Trailhead in Mt. Charleston on September 1, 2016. Photo Mikayla Whitmore



Noelle Garcia, Native Tools: Beer, Nilla Wafers, felt, thread, glass beads and nymo. Painter’s Tools: Heavy Duty Stapler, glass beads, thread on stapler

Noelle Garcia is a multimedia artist grappling with ideas of identity, family relationships and the American Indian experience. In addition to traditional painting, she works in fiber media including bead work, soft sculpture and basketry. Born in Reno, Nevada she now resides and works in the Chicago area. She earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Painting & Drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her Master’s of Fine Arts in from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She currently lives and works in Chicago. 

Artists’ Top Five is an ongoing series sharing short lists of artists’ favorite things to do or see in Las Vegas. In some cases, these lists become more nostalgic or idiosyncratic musings about a city we call or have called home. 

Image: On the road, Red Rock Canyon. Photo Mikayla Whitmore. 

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