The Arts and Economic Prosperity Survey in Nevada

As the Nevada Arts Council reported this spring, Nevada is one of the 15 states participating in the national research study Arts & Economic Prosperity 5. A total of 330 study regions across the United States signed up for AEP5. This fifth study conducted by the Americans for the Arts in the past 20 years will quantify the economic impact of America’s nonprofit arts and culture industry.


I’m sharing the NAC update on this project here:

Six months into the year-long Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 (AEP5) project, data collection in Nevada is in full swing. Managed by Americans for the Arts, data collection for this national economic impact study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry is being coordinated in Nevada by the Nevada Arts Council and City of Reno. Audience Surveys have been run at over 50 different arts and cultural events across nearly all counties in Nevada. Thanks to the efforts of 35 statewide study partners, the project is on track to meet the goal of 2000+ surveys by the end of the year. Meanwhile, the Organizational Survey component of the AEP5 project was launched on July 11. Hosted by the DataArts platform, the Organizational Survey requests information from nonprofit organizations with arts or cultural programs on their revenue, expenses, staff/volunteers and attendance. Watch out for a report on the money-making power of the arts being released in June 2017.

“The results from the AEP5 survey will provide arts advocates with the statistical, as well as anecdotal, data we’ve been wanting for years. This data will speak to everyone – our neighbors, our partners, our elected officials – to make the case of arts and culture in our communities,” says Susan Boskoff, Executive Director of the Nevada Arts Council, “For the Nevada Arts Council, it’s going to help us analyze the state of the arts in Nevada and how our agency, and the Community Arts Development program in particular, can prioritize our work.”

In Las Vegas, Audience Surveying has occurred at venues including Fifth Street School, Nevada Humanities Program Gallery, Winchester Cultural Center, Marjorie Barrick Museum, West Flamingo Senior Center and Las Vegas First Fridays.

Over 100 Las Vegas nonprofit arts and cultural organizations were invited to participate in the Organizational Survey which were distributed on July 11.

Learn more about national and local reports and case-making tools from the Arts & Economic Prosperity IV (2010) which included findings for Clark County, Nevada here.

For more information about the current Nevada study, contact Amy Spencer at the Nevada Arts Council at


Image: view of Rachel Stiff’s opening reception for her exhibition at the Winchester Cultural Center Gallery this spring. Winchester is one of the Las Vegas venues participating in Audience Surveys, part of the national research study Arts & Economic Prosperity 5. Image courtesy Adam Morey and the Winchester Cultural Center. 


Posted by Wendy Kveck


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